Content management system CMS

Extraordinarily powerful, sophisticated but simple to use website with text pages, news and a feedback form. Choose from templates or have us design a unique site, you'll soon be creating stunning pages, uploading photos and videos, using the integrated social marketing tools for website promotion.

For Online Stores

The system allows selling your services and goods online 24/7. Powerful CMS for sales and marketing pages; system easily sets up products, categories, prices, currencies. All orders are automatically processed or manually using the integrated CRM for customer communications and marketing tools in the admin area.

Video, Photo, Audio Library

The system allows selling your media content online. Upload and speedily ingest gigabytes of video, photo, audio assets and document files, manage AI meta tagging, set up licenses, communicate with customers via integrated CRM and manage marketing campaigns

Media Assets Repository

If you need storage and distribution of all your media assets in one place - this product is for you. Quickly group assets by type, create permissions to access files, generate usage reports. Included are marketing and publishing tools and a truly powerful search.

Learning Management System

The platform allows selling or distributing education courses online. Upload courses, monitor student results. Especially useful if you wish to add your own customisation

Individual Software Development

In addition to our standard products and solutions, we can also develop software individually for your company according to your requirements. We know how to work with non-standard projects that require non-standard solutions.