Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the catch all term for the marketing methodologies used on the net today.

This diagram helps put them in context




Retain & Grow

Measure & Optimise 

Search Engine Marketing

Usability & Accessibility

E-mail Marketing

Web Analytics

E-mail Marketing

Customer Decision Support

Loyalty Programs

Site Performance Monitoring

Affiliate Marketing

3rd Party Certification/Accreditation


Competitor Benchmarking

Aggregators Shopping

Copywriting, Content


Online Panels

Comparison Interactive

Functionality & Presentation

Customer Service

Online Surveys

Advertising Partnerships

Promotions & Merchandising

Choice & Convenience



Personalisation & Targeting

Dynamic Pricing


Viral Marketing

E-mail Marketing




Payment Options



Content distribution/RSS

Onsite Search



Online PR




What's next? 

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Web site analytics

Unlike offline marketing, web analytics, site tracking and web statistics means you can discover precisely how, when and why your visitors react to your offers.

So tracking visitor routes and reactions on your web site is not just to garner statistics. Sifting through the data will provide nuggets of gold - information that will tell precisely when, where and what your visitors are doing, and how interested they are. Right now it's probable that 50% leave within 3 seconds of hitting your home page. By analysing traffic data in conjunction with your business objectives you can see exactly what you need to change to meet your goals.

We use advanced tools to do this. Web analytics, site tracking and web measurement are not rocket science but it is complicated and needs experience and skill to intepret the results and make cost effective recommendations for change.

And it needs to be done regularly to make the most of you investment.

Call 01784 460 064 and find out how web analytics, site tracking and web statistics can deliver immediate improvments in visitor experience and sales.


SEO : Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

SEO PricesSEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. You will hear and read more nonsense on the subject of search engine optimization than almost anything else on the web. The truth is make your content relevant and keep it fresh. To get high search engine rankings ensure you create quality content, relevant linkage and researched, targeted keywords.

If you do that, the engines will find you. Getting to the top of the rankings, however, needs a little more skill.
SEO increases targeted traffic to the site - not any old traffic - targeted traffic - customers who want to buy.
Effective search engine promotion and optimization is mandatory for businesses that want to drive targeted traffic to their web site.
Simply adding hundreds of meta tagged keywords doesn't work. Why not? Because most search engines ignore keywords in the meta tags.

We research the precise words and phrases which will have greatest impact on specific engines or directories and rewrite (optimize) your pages accordingly. Does it work?
There's nothing secret about our successful methods - just experience and clever tools to remove the expensive drudge work.
But to be truly successful you have to understand that search engine ranking criteria changes constantly and rapidly - so getting your site into top rankings is a continuous process.


Optimizing your site, the process of optimization, and submitting it to search engines is an important e-marketing function, but few truly understand how it works, or how to do it properly.

Here are some of the things we typically do:

  • Review competitor sites
  • Benchmark current page ranks
  • Analyse / redevelop site architecture
  • Research key phrases
  • Develop meta tags
  • Add XML site maps.
  • Add robot files to assist easier spidering
  • On page optimization
  • Cross link internal pages
  • Cross link client owned domains
  • Create and implement links campaigns
  • Create and implementbonline PR campaigns.

Additionally optimizing means knowing how to write effective copy - compelling to people, yet focused for search engine algorithms.

Remember though... search engines can only rank on text - so that beautiful all singing all graphics Flash intro to a site won't get ranked.....

If you're serious about getting and retaining high rankings you need to think through and create a complete strategy; and then follow up regularly. Successful SEO is a time consuming business and long learning curve.  The alternative is to call us on 01784 460 064

How much does it cost?

We find that a site with 50 pages or more needs 2 to 6 weeks preparation. Find SEO priceshere.

Strategic review and implementation is a minimum of 5 man days but usually closer to 10. On a large site implementation could take a 3 person team 3 months. 

Like all advertising, once is not enough - the best results are achieved from a continuous campaign.

After the initial implementation the average annual SEO budget for a small commercial site would be about £600 to £800 per month whilst a larger commercial site could run anywhere from £2,000 to £4,000 per month. Our competitors charge more.

What's the best way to go about getting high rankings and more targeted traffic? Call 01784 460 064. Try it now


Email campaigns

Cost effective email campaigns and newsletter marketing management are absolute priority for generating sales leads and staying in touch with your stakeholders. But be aware of the content you are sending. An easy way to benchmark your own newsletter is to analyse why you read the emails and newsletters you're subscribed to; it's usually because the information is pertinent and topical to your requirement. Seems simple; but in the same way that you delete boring corporate puffery remember your readers will delete yours too.

However, run your email campaign, ezine or newsletter well and discover even more benefits.

  • Address capture for pro-active marketing.
  • Build corporate/brand awareness.
  • Deliver added value to the customer (new offers, news etc)
  • Stimulate repeat visits.
  • Drive the sale.
  • Develop e-CRM.

Getting a good ROI from your email campaign, newsletter or ezine is more than writing truly useful copy in scintillating style; you must address cost savings in administration too. Ensure your newsletter is fully automated: for example subscriptions should be double opt-in; an email is automatically sent to the new subscriber asking them to confirm their request. Additionally you will need to automate unsubscribes - users will complain to your ISP if you don't do this promptly and you may get blacklisted after to many complaints.
Check that your newsletter/ email marketing management tool features timed distribution, searchable databases, and full featured content management.

We'll help develop content and images too. Call 01784 460 064 for further information or use a contact form