BLC launch

We've been working with a client to create an advanced learning management system (LMS). This is the second version we've built for them; it's a big step forward. Previously we'd also worked on European wide education management for the EU and were able to bring this expertise to the project. 

The new LMS, based on our bigeasy|one media asset management core allows the upload of video, image and documents for courses.

Admins can easily develop courses, categories and levels including question settings.

A candidate can watch, read or download content and answer set questions. The answers are automatically tabulated and marked.  

eCommerce is available as subscription or course download.

Naturally there's custom integration with third-party creative, marketing and accounting systems; however, as we have already developed many of these tools for the platform its possible to manage your entire business or project within the system.

Find out how we can help you with your own custom features here. 


Learning Management System

Author: Natalie Rastabarova

September 1 2018

Category: Website development