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Do you believe hiding negative company experience is still possible? Well, with internet development it is no longer very likely. Business marketing and management systems are shifting to the online space more and more; people create communities, discuss products and services, share their experience. And there is no real way to influence them to create positive reviews other than giving great service and products.

A major attraction of the Internet is attractive by freedom of expression – and the possibility to stay anonymous. It is in this area that everyone feels they can say what they think without being punished: this is how the Internet grew to be a powerful tool for formulating people’s opinions; companies should be very careful with it.

The reason for today’s post is a recent case we studied: a company got lots of negative reviews on one of the work providers review sites. People were writing about their experience with the company and the conversation grew to more than 100 comments a month. Most of the comments contained complaints about the Company Directors and management, conditions of work, salaries. People claimed it to be one of the worst companies to work for, with no career prospects, salary increase or opportunities to gain experience. Not a good image for a company at all…

In course of our investigation we noted that company representatives got into the conversation trying to protect company reputation by arguing with the users.

Do you think it helped? :)

Not at all. They just provoked a reciprocal wave of negative comments with curses, unprintable words and mutual blaming of management staff. It became an online battle of two enraged groups.

Let’s review this case in terms of protecting company reputation online. What should be the actions in this situation? Hack the site and delete all the comments? Post your own positive comments pretending to be a different person every time?
In this situation we see the following scenario:

  1. Undertake an internal and anonymous survey of current staff members to find out how fair the comments are.
  2. Analyse the results of the survey, recognise the hottest problems that occupy the staff and try to improve company processes, staff policy and solve the problems.
  3. Make an official statement that you are aware of the problem, that you have taken corresponding action; apologise and compensate if necessary. This will create an image of your company that is aware of its problems and tries to improve.

And one more note to those who are thinking of publishing some negative reviews. Before publishing it remember you could be found out and be responsible for your review. So if you have doubts on how fair you are in the situation leave your comments for a day or two and decide later whether it is worth publishing it or no.

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Author: Derek Mansfield

March 14 2019

Category: Marketing