Big Easy Media Library

Four hundred thousand concurrent users.

Three million or more clips and files to search.

When we say robust systems, we mean it.


Managing a media library is a complex process that we’ve streamlined for sales, archiving and accounting.

Licensed as SAAS or a perpetual licence with code access, bigeasy|one is used by some of the world’s largest film studios and national broadcasters to manage and distribute video, image, audio, and document files.

Our advanced media library software is now in its fifth iteration; today an archivist can process the ingestion of one hundred hours of video in an hour. Or, to put it in another way, 400,000 twenty second clips in twenty-four hours. By ingestion, we mean automatically generating watermarks and simultaneously creating ancillary preview and thumbnail files. And there’s an option to add AI meta-data too.

We pre-configure search and filters, categories, featured items, licensing and pricing and then teach you how to manage the dynamic attributes. Or we can offer a managed service on AWS and other leading hosting providers or set up to run on your own internal servers.

Help Desk gives assistance via email, 'phone or Skype and in addition to "how do I this?" you can get full on search marketing and e-marketing advice too. 

Our two decades of experience in developing content management systems and a combination of skills from all our disciplines - usability, navigation, on-site search, SEO, communications and digital marketing - has created a truly feature rich, self-managed system. 

Hard to believe this massive package starts at just $499 per month – check out the full system here or call +44 1784 460 064 and we’ll set up a system for you to test for three months, free.